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Chef WT 19 3-way tap

Chef WT 19 3-way tap
Chef WT 19 3-way tap
Chef WT 19 3-way tap
Chef WT 19 3-way tap
Chef WT 19 3-way tap
Chef WT 19 3-way tap
Chef WT 19 3-way tap
Chef WT 19 3-way tap
Chef WT 19 3-way tap
Chef WT 19 3-way tap
Chef WT 19 3-way tap
Chef WT 19 3-way tap
Chef WT 19 3-way tap
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  • Model: Grifo Chef WT 19 3 vías
  • Weight: 5.00kg

3-way Chef WT 19 tap for water quality equipment

Semi-professional 3-way sink for water treatment equipment.

Filtered water kitchen tap with 2 water outlets, flexible M-10 3/8 "x 420 mm

Includes adapter for 1/4 "- 1/2" M PE pipe (Ref .: 97399 from Clever)

Semi-professional design kitchen sink faucet, compatibility with water quality equipment.

It becomes a multidisciplinary faucet. Combining the benefits of a semi-professional tap with a tap compatible with water quality systems.

No need to drill the sink to install: Thanks to the integrated system of the faucet, it is not necessary to drill or install another auxiliary faucet in your kitchen sink to enjoy the water quality system. With its double handle you will get purified water instantly from the same tap thanks to its double outlet. It consists of a double outlet, but in no case is the treated water mixed with the conventional water of the installation. These circulate internally on separate paths.

It has a high flexible rotating hygienic silicone spout with a double function button that offers a water outlet system with spray or rain effect.

This tap is an example of a balance between design and innovation, offering functionalities that greatly facilitate its handling;

- Magnetic fixing of the spout that guarantees its easy use and guarantees the correct resting position.

- With the Clever Faucet EcoNature system you will achieve savings in water consumption thanks to the double opening cartridge. With the first "click" it will use 50% of the flow, which will be enough for its perfect use. With the second "click" you will get 100%.

With a support arm designed totally ergonomically and especially to be very easy to wash, it is possible to rotate it 360º and it allows to reach a radius of 50 cm.

Recommended for double sinks or kitchen islands. The chrome of Taps Clever is a high-quality chrome, it guarantees shine over time.


- 5-year quality guarantee: Clever taps are subjected to strict quality controls, which is why we offer a 5-year guarantee on all our ranges.

- Ceramic discs: ON-OFF mounts rotate 90º with ceramic discs, 99% pure aluminum oxide. To reduce heat conduction, a thermal insulator is mounted to avoid burns when operating the knob.

- Cold open taps: The Cold open system saves hot water thanks to the operation of the handle. In its central position, unlike the rest of the taps, it does not mix hot and cold water but the water is only cold. To obtain hot or lukewarm water, simply turn the handle to the left.

- Anti-movement for sinks: Clever kitchen taps have a base that is placed at the bottom of the stainless steel sinks, preventing movement of the tap when activated.

Spare parts: Lever (Ref .: 99447) Lever (Ref .: 98631) Cartridge (Ref .: 99665) Aerator (Ref .: 60730)

Ways 3-way: mixed water and filtered water

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