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Vortex Pro 4WD RV 5300

Vortex Pro 4WD RV 5300
Vortex Pro 4WD RV 5300
Vortex Pro 4WD RV 5300
Vortex Pro 4WD RV 5300
Vortex Pro 4WD RV 5300
Vortex Pro 4WD RV 5300
Vortex Pro 4WD RV 5300
Vortex Pro 4WD RV 5300
Vortex Pro 4WD RV 5300
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  • Model: Vortex Pro 4WD RV 5300
  • Weight: 9.50kg
  • Dimensions: 48.00cm x 43.00cm x 27.00cm

Vortex Pro 4WD RV 5300


Ultra powerful and constant cyclonic aspiration

The first cyclone vacuum pool cleaners were created by Zodiac engineers. Cyclonic vacuum technology consists of creating a powerful swirl inside the filter, which keeps dirt in suspension, preventing it from sticking to the walls of the filter and being clogged, thus maintaining cleaning performance.

Off-road cleaner

Equipped with 4 driving wheels, the RV 5300 can more easily overcome obstacles, has a perfect grip and adapts to all types of coatings.

Get to know some of its characteristics:

  • Great suction capacity
  • Various cleaning areas: bottom, walls and water line
  • 2 cleaning cycles available: one of an hour and a half for only bottom, and another complete one that cleans bottom, walls and water line of 2h and 30 minutes
  • Preprogrammed offset
  • Large 5L filter with easy top access and indicator to tell when it's full
  • Beach safety system, which automatically stops out of the water, to protect the electronics of the motors
  • Suitable for all types of rigid wall pools
  • Dimensions: 48 cm long x 43 cm wide x 27 cm high
  • Cleaner weight: 9.5 kgs

Technical characteristics:

  • Power source: autonomous, connected to 230V
  • Gear drive
  • 3 motors
  • 150 W of absorbed power
  • 18m cable
  • Cleaning coverage: 24.5 cm

Accessories included:

  • Transport trolley
  • Control unit
  • 100 micron fine residue filter
  • Contact + brushes
Filter type Rigid filter with access through the top of the cleaner
Filtering surface / Filtration level 1180 cm2 / 100 microns
Filtration level 100 micron
Traction system 4 driving wheels
Transmission Gears
Operating System Electric
Technical characteristics
Absorbed power 150 W
Number of motors 3
Power source Autonomous, connected to 230V
7 days programming NO
Filter full indicator YES
Integrated programming clock NO
Remote control NO
Security Beach system, automatic stop out of the water, electronic motor protection
Control unit YES
Cyclonic cleaning Contact + brushes
Lift System NO
Swivel NO
Transport Car Included in the price
Cleaning area Bottom / Walls / Water line
Cleaning cycles 2 Cycles: Bottom only 1h 30 min Complete cycle bottom, walls and water line 2h 30 min
Displacement Preprogrammed
Manual adjustment cleaning time NO
Cleaning coverage 24,5 cm
Pool type
Bottoms Flat / Smooth Slope / Composite Slope / Diamond tip
Coatings Gresite / Liner / Polyester / reinforced PVC helmet / Painted concrete
Shapes Rectangular / Oval / Free shapes
Sizes (up to ...) 12 x 6 m.
Type Inground and off-ground pools with rigid walls
Warranty 3 Years
Weight Cleaner weight 9.5 kgs
Cable length 18 m
Filter capacity 5 L
Dimensions 48.00cm x 43.00cm x 27.00cm

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