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Aquafuerte water softeners are equipment that guarantees optimal water treatment that frees it from lime and other minerals. There are different options for treating water in your home, office or business. If you have any questions about any of the products shown in our catalog, please contact us and our technicians will clarify any questions as soon as possible.

22 Oct The advantage of having soft water at home
Tania 3 1663
THE ADVANTAGE OF HAVING SOFT WATER AT HOMEThe soft water produced by water softeners provides multiple benefits in the home.One of them is in the maintenance and performance of household appliances su..
28 Jun The applause on the balconies makes water consumption drop in Valencia
mlgarcia 2 1267
During the days of confinement, every day at 8pm, the citizens of Valencia, like those of the rest of Spain, have come out onto the balconies to applaud to thank the health personnel for their work. T..
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