1. Open windows and ventilate regularly, HVAC systems greatly deteriorate air quality.
  2. Avoid using paraffin candles that generate toxins similar to those found in diesel engines.
  3. Vacuum or wash curtains and blankets frequently.
  4. Avoid rugs, they are nests of polluting particles such as dust, fungi and mites.
  5. Avoid unnecessary chemicals, try using natural or less aggressive cleaning products.
  6. Avoid the use of perfumes, air fresheners and vaporizers.
  7. Before using any textile garment it is important to wash it to eliminate any chemical product that it may carry.
  8. Do not smoke indoors.
  9. Invest in plants. It is proven that plants improve our quality of life thanks to the fact that they are able to eliminate part of the environmental pollution.
  10. Place the air purifying equipment in the rooms where you spend the most time.