Pool cleaning

2 Cleaning technologies

When choosing a pool cleaner for your pool, we must take into account a series of parameters to make a correct choice:

Pool shape and size

Filtration type

Places of difficult access

The Zodiac high-tech pool cleaners adapt to the different peculiarities of the pool, to its demands in terms of cleaning and to all budgets.

At Aquafuerte we have 2 types of technologies available:

  Hydraulic Pool Cleaners

Electric Pool Cleaners

Zodiac electric pool cleaners: autonomous solution with great features

They have the best Zodiac technology and offer the most demanding pool owners the fastest and most powerful cleaning.
Independent of the filtration system, these Plug & Play devices are autonomous and collect dirt in their own filter. They have true artificial intelligence and access all corners of the pool, climb walls, clean the water line and have different models for all types of pools.

Zodiac hydraulic pool cleaners: simple and affordable solution

Hydraulic pool cleaners are easily installed in the pool's filtration system and use the energy from the pump to operate.

The vacuum cleaners capture the residues through the suction effect and store it in the pre-filter of the pump.

More affordable than electric pool cleaners, hydraulic pool cleaners connect to the pool outlet or skimmer.

Ideal for small flat bottom or gently sloping pools and for above ground pools.