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All kinds of products for your pool, from the most typical (pH dosage, chlorine, anti-algae, etc.) to the most innovative, such as hydraulic-electric pool cleaners and saline chlorination, which is a new pool water purification system by saline electrolysis.

07 Jul Salt chlorination, why has it become so popular?
01 Jun Protect your pool's filtration equipment with a treatment plant shed
05 May Pool cleaners, guide and most popular models
Tania 2 1127
Automatic, easy and effective disinfection.HOW DOES IT WORK?Saline electrolysis is a simple principle that is similar to the behavior of the sea and its ecosystem: the pool water is slightly salty at ..
15 Jul High-tech pool cleaners
mlgarcia 3 56536
Pool cleaning2 Cleaning technologiesWhen choosing a pool cleaner for your pool, we must take into account a series of parameters to make a correct choice:Pool shape and sizeFiltration typePlaces of di..
15 Jul Why the MX9 is the best-selling pool cleaner
Tania 3 1126
There is no doubt that the Zodiac MX9 cleaner is one of the best hydraulic cleaners to be found on the market today. In fact, it has positioned itself as one of the most complete and effective options..
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