The importance of water for humans

Water is nothing more than two hydrogen molecules with one oxygen molecule. It's that simple, but at the same time that complicated. It is one of the most essential elements for health, both for the planet and for the animals that populate it, and it is essential for human survival.

Water is part of 70% of the weight of the human body, and it is not surprising that a person who does not drink water can die in a few days.

Water in humans

Under normal conditions, a human being every day loses about two liters of water between sweat, respiration, urine and defecations, and these two liters must be recovered each day, either by ingesting water, soft drinks, fruit, watery foods, etc. The unfortunate and sad thing is that the water is at our fingertips, in each of the houses, there is always a tap from which to drink, but even so, most of the people of the first world suffer from what is usually termed "chronic dehydration" as they do not drink enough fluids, and then complain of general tiredness. Just drinking a little more water each day could solve it

The human brain is made up of 95% water, the blood 82%, and the lungs 90% water. That is why just a 2% decrease in the composition of our body can already cause the first symptoms of dehydration, such as momentary loss of memory, problems with mathematics, difficulty in focusing the gaze on objects or letters. small, etc ...

A water deficit of 4% leads to headaches, irritability, drowsiness and serious concentration difficulties. If we achieve 10% body weight loss due to dehydration, we can lose our lives.

Importance of water as a lubricant

Water behaves as a lubricant in almost all the body's processes, especially in digestion. Once in the mouth, the saliva itself helps to chew and swallow the food, so as to ensure a good glide through the esophagus. Water also lubricates the joints and cartilage so that we move less stiffly and more fluidly.

When a person is not used to drinking all the water they need, the water moves away from the joints to irrigate other more important areas of the body, leaving more friction that can cause pain and lead to injuries and arthritis.

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