New models of natural gas, butane and / or propane water heaters and water heaters.

All of our new models of gas water heaters have low NoX emissions, so they comply with the new ErP regulation of 2019, a law that penalizes the installation of atmospheric heaters and conventional watertight heaters. You can rest assured with the acquisition of one of our new water heaters, both its distribution and its installation are totally legal, since they comply with this law, the objective of which is to reduce polluting gases into the atmosphere to curb climate change.

The high emissions of NoX (nitrogen oxide) caused by volcanoes, automobiles, industry and, in general, by the burning of fossil fuels accelerate global warming, they are the cause of climatic effects such as acid rain and respiratory diseases. So, unlike the old gas water heaters, the new models on our website emit lower levels of NoX, contributing to an improvement in the environment and people's health.

In addition to the low NoX emissions, another improvement of the new gas heaters is their watertight chamber that guarantees greater safety since, being hermetically closed, it prevents the expulsion of fumes in the room where it is installed.

The watertight heaters do not absorb or expel oxygen in the room where it is located, so that risks to the health of the inhabitants and failures in the kitchen extractor hoods or the gas extractors of habitable rooms are avoided.

During the combustion process, airtight gas heaters need air from the outside to function properly, for this they require a special pipe for oxygen absorption and gas evacuation.