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Dolphin E20 Cleaner Dolphin E20 Cleaner
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Brand: Dolphin
The Dolphin E20 pool cleaner is characterized by its durability, quality components and ease of use. This model is part of the Dolphin line of electric pool cleaners. It includes a front handle for easy pick-up and transport.Features:Robot for floor and wall.For pools up to 10 m long.Suitable for sm..
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Dolphin E10 Cleaner Dolphin E10 Cleaner
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Brand: Dolphin
The Maytronics E-10 robot pool cleaner from Dolphin's product line has been developed with the latest technology to deliver maximum performance and optimal cleaning results.Features:In-ground robotSuitable for pools up to 8 m in length.Suitable for small and above ground poolsMaximum depth of 2.5 mC..
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Dolphin E30 Cleaner Dolphin E30 Cleaner
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Brand: Dolphin
Experience the great pool cleaning power of the Maytronics Dolphin Dolphin Robot E Line with the E 30. With its extremely light weight and fast drain speed, the Maytronics Dolphin E 30 is easy to operate. Choose from two filter options to capture small debris or debris, the dual-brush action and Pow..
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Dolphin E40I Cleaner Dolphin E40I Cleaner
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Brand: Dolphin
The fully autonomous electronic robot pool cleaner features Wi-Fi connectivity and an advanced suction system to deep clean any type of pool. It ensures perfect coverage of the bottom, walls and waterline, regardless of pool shape, slope or obstructions.Features:        Robot for..
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Dolphin E50I Electric Pool Cleaner Dolphin E50I Electric Pool Cleaner
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Brand: Dolphin
Dolphin E50i Pool Cleaner is the most advanced automatic cleaning robot in the Dolphin series, responsible for the thorough cleaning of the pool deck. It is the leader in all inspection, cleaning and parts warranty functions.Features:Robot for floor, walls and waterline.For pools up to 12 m long.Max..
Ex Tax:1,760.84€
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