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Brand: Klinwass
Klinwass pool cleaner for pools, allows an economical and fast maintenance, only for the zone floor of the pool.Features:  For pools up to 7.00 x 3.50 m. Maximum depth 1.8 m. Cleaning cycles of 1 h. Direct gearing and distribution by belt. Top filter access. Top ac..
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Brand: Klinwass
The 7310 robot moves independently on the bottom, vacuuming and brushing the impurities deposited on the floor. It climbs the walls from time to time to clean them. The 7310 robot can partially climb walls or reach the waterline. When the robot reaches the waterline, the brushes clean for a random p..
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Brand: Klinwass
The underground shed is compact in size, designed for maximum performance in minimum space.Light lid with reinforced hinge.gel coat layerBooth injected in fiberglassPrefabricated polyester film, fiberglass and gel.Green exterior and ivory shed on the interior.REF. 4609927026..
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Brand: Klinwass
Elevated resin pool house, assembled for surface installation and with PVC installation.Ready to connect to the pool plumbing.1.1" pre-filter basketVery quiet and self-primingOutdoor filtration equipment enclosure with double doors and hinged lids.Material: Injection moulded polypropylene, wood eff..
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Brand: Klinwass
Raised resin shelter, surface mounted and PVC installation.Easy to install.Easy maintenance and repair.No flooding in case of leakage.Easy access for the end user.Possibility to store pool cleaner, closed chemical and cleaning material.Aesthetic and functional.Ready to connect to the pool plumbing.1..
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Brand: Klinwass
Wound filter kw klinwass upper valve in various modelsOne-piece filter that supports higher pressure than conventional filtersFilters made of fiberglass, with radial winding reinforcementEquipped with air purge and pressure gaugeOptimum distribution of water on the bed thanks to its diffusion system..
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Brand: Klinwass
Semi-buried prefabricated shed with filter, bypass check valve, pump manifold and valve. With a box design, that is very compact.- Semi-buried shed injected in fiberglass- Gel coat layer- Lightweight hinged lid- With total opening of the lid in ivory colour.REF. 4602010690REF. 4602010690..
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Brand: Klinwass
Elevated resin shelter with double door, mounted for surface installation, with PVC installation, installed in a shelter with hinged lid with safety lock and hydraulic spring.Front closing hinge.Hydraulic pistons for lid opening.Ready to connect to the pool pipes.1.1" pre-filter basket.Very silent ..
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Brand: Klinwass
KLX Salt Electrolysis EquipmentSaline chlorinator of the house developed for private use pools with productions from 8gr/h to 70gr/h to adjust to all pool sizes.The saline electrolysis system introduces a new concept in the treatment of your pool, improving the quality of the water and avoiding the ..
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Brand: Klinwass
Kw Bs One Basic in various pool volumesSalt chlorinators make it possible to sterilize water through the use of magnesium salts and offer the following advantages:Health: Magnesium salts absorbed by the body through mineralization contribute to the health and relaxation of the nervous systemDisinfec..
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Brand: Klinwass
Kw Klinwass Laminate Filter in various modelsFilters made of Caribbean color laminated polyesterABS cover, with screws and manometerBase injected in ABSIncludes 6-way valvemaximum pressure 3.5 bar..
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Brand: Klinwass
Power Access salt electrolysis equipmentIt uses two disinfection methods to perfectly disinfect the water without adding any type of chemical products. Hydrolysis breaks down water molecules (H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen (H and O), resulting in oxygen-based disinfectants (O3, O2, OH, H2O2…).- Salin..
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