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Brand: Merlin
Merlin high performance activated carbon filter for osmosisOriginal spare parts for Merlin high performance osmosisPre-filter made of activated carbon fiber for water purification systems, manufactured with advanced technology that provides 3 times the holding capacity of a standard carbon blo..
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Brand: Merlin
Active carbon post filter for high performance merlin osmosis.Original spare parts for Merlin high performance osmosis system.Remineraliser post-filter calcite + kdf + carbon for merlin reverse osmosis.      Ref. FME103..
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Brand: Merlin
Pack of 2 membranes and 1 carbon pre-filter for Merlin semi industrial direct flow reverse osmosis.Original cartridge and membranes for the semi industrial direct flow equipment with high performance in the production of pure water Merlin.The pack includes:  1 activated carbon cartridge.2 ..
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