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Brand: Thermor
Slim Ceramics Thermor electric water heaterSlim Vitrified electric water heater- Corrosion resistant. Coated with vitrified and magnesium anode against corrosion and that prevents the adhesion of lime deposits even in the hardest water.- Sheathed resistance. They have a heating system with a very lo..
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Ceramics Thermor electric water heater Ceramics Thermor electric water heater
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Brand: Thermor
THERMOR PREMIUM CERAMICS ELECTRIC HEATERELECTRIC WATER HEATER CERAMICS PREMIUM RANGE OF THE BRAND THERMOR, CAPACITY: 50, 80 AND 100 LITERS.5 YEAR WARRANTY.New range of Premium Ceramics Thermor electric water heaters.Electric heater. Durability guarantee even in very hard water.It is the definitive s..
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