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Cookies policy

In compliance with Royal Decree Law 13/2012, of March 30, which modifies the Law on Information Society Services, and relating to the use of cookies on Web pages; Plumbing Aquafuerte, S.L., informs you that this website uses cookies to measure and analyze web traffic, to facilitate your user experience and offer you a better service. If you wish, you can configure your browser to be notified on the screen of the reception of cookies or to prevent the installation of them, taking into account that in this way you would no longer have access to certain functions on the Internet.

Definition and function of Cookies

A cookie is a small file created by an Internet site to store information on your computer, such as preferences when visiting a website. When you access a web page that uses cookies, it requests the browser to save one or more cookies on the hard drive. Cookies often save the settings of websites, such as the preferred language or location. Thus, when the user returns to that Web page, the browser again sends the cookies that belong to him, which allows him to provide personalized information and service depending on the needs. Cookies can also store information that personally identifies users, however this website does not use this type of cookie, and will only have access to the personal information that you provide through the contact forms. You can change the cookie settings of the browser you use, so that it allows you to automatically approve or reject requests to store cookies when the browser is closed and other additional options.
Types of cookies used by this website

    Techniques This type of cookie provides information on the use that the user makes of the Web, such as, what pages you have visited or if you have had technical problems in accessing. These cookies do not allow you to be identified, since the information they collect is anonymous and will be used only for work to improve page design and navigation, usage statistics, etc. They allow the web to work more agile and adapted to the preferences of users.
    Registration They are created when you register or when you log in as a user of the Web.
    Personalization They allow you to personalize the functions or content of the website based on the data obtained from the browser.
    Analytical They are used for statistical purposes. The information is used to measure activity on the website, using Google Analytics, a free web analysis tool provided by Google, which mainly allows website owners to find out how users interact with their website. This web analytics service places a series of cookies on your computer for the sole purpose of configuring statistics.
    Preferences These cookies allow us to know if you have visited our site before or not. Loss of the information stored in a preference cookie may make the website experience less functional, but should not affect its operation.
    Session status These cookies save the necessary information during the session and the changes related to it, and also determine whether or not you are registered on the web.
    Processes Process cookies allow the website to function and offer services expected by the user accessing the website, such as browsing web pages or accessing secure areas of the website.

List of Cookies used by the domain

    Google Analytics cookies

Cookie Duration Description
__utma 2 years It is used to collect information anonymously and prepare reports on website trends without identifying individual users. Distinguish users and sessions; and if they are recurring.
__utmb 30 min. It serves to know that it is a new visit.
__utmc During navigation Urchin system inheritance but equals __utmb
__utmz 6 months It is used to know the origin of the user, whether it is by direct traffic or from another website
__utmv 2 years It is created only when more options are added in the programming of custom variables (not applicable)

    Technical cookies

Cookie Duration Description

ASPSessionId Session Cookie Used to define the state of the session and to record the visitor's session, it is not intrusive nor does it maintain its registry between visits or on different websites. Used for the purpose of managing login areas and also serves for shopping carts. It is integrated into our content manager. It remains constant during the session.
polCookId 10 years Used to check if the visitor has already been informed of the web's cookie policy.
Revocation and elimination of Cookies
You can configure your browser to allow, block, eliminate or deactivate the cookies installed on your computer, by configuring the options of the browser installed on your computer. In case you do not allow the installation of cookies in your browser, you may not be able to access any of the sections or features of this website.
To configure the browser, deactivate or manage the installation of cookies, so that they are automatically deleted once the browser, equipment or device is closed, you can obtain more information by clicking on the following links that we provide you, in browser function you use:

    Google Chrome

    Mozilla Firefox

    Internet Explorer (Version 11)

    Internet Explorer (Version 10)

    Internet Explorer (Version 9)

    Internet Explorer (Version 7 & 8)

    Internet Explorer (Version 6)


    Web safari

    Safari IOS

In general, most browsers allow quick access to the deletion of browsing data, by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Delete key sequence, and Cookies can be deleted.

Updating our Cookies Policy

We may update our Cookies Policy on this website based on legal or technical requirements, so if you wish, we advise you to review this policy on occasion, in order to be adequately informed about how and why we use cookies.