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Replacement FT-Line 82

Replacement FT-Line 82
Replacement FT-Line 82
Replacement FT-Line 82
Replacement FT-Line 82
Replacement FT-Line 82
Replacement FT-Line 82
Replacement FT-Line 82
Replacement FT-Line 82
Replacement FT-Line 82
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  • Model: Recambio FT-Line 91
  • Weight: 0.45kg
  • Dimensions: 60.00cm x 60.00cm x 295.00cm

Replacement water filter FT-Line 82

Replacement for FT Line 82 water filterultrafiltration cartridge.

FT-Line ultra-filtration membrane. Suitable for vending and domestic use Bacteriological protection for reverse osmosis equipment.

Model: FT-91 Reference: 547552


  • Weight: 450 grams
  • Maximum pressure: 58 PSI / 4 bar.
  • Maximum flow: 0,3 GPM / 1 LPM
  • Shelf Life: depending on water characteristics, between 2 and 3 years
  • Dimensions: 9.5 "long and 2.5" diameter

FT-LINE filters are manufactured according to standards that guarantee high quality.

Simple and versatile systems as well as total solutions or to complement other treatments.

Improve the taste of your water and save time and money using our FT-line filters, with a unified head for all cartridges that are easy to maintain, quick and easy to replace with a bayonet head for maximum hygiene.

FT-LINE Vending:
Our FT-Line water treatment systems are the perfect ally for vending professionals. A complete range that will cover all your needs in the sector.
They improve the taste of your coffee, food, soft drinks, protect your machinery and save on maintenance costs.

FT-LINE domestic:
Advances in the home are also a constant in modern life. Avoiding carrying heavy water bottles makes systems like FT-line have a great application in our own home.
Drink ultra-filtered and dechlorinated water, improve the taste of coffee, tea or simply cook without chlorine.
For example, the FT-Line 3 system (FT82, FT83 and FT91), specially designed for domestic use, guarantees the highest quality of water in your home, protecting it from viruses and bacteria, thanks to the ultra-filtration membrane FT-Line 91.
Filtration ultrafiltration membrane
Useful life / duration 2-3 years, depending on water characteristics
Maximun working pressure 58 PSI / 4 bar
UNE 149101 certificate Complies with regulations: - Royal decree 140/2003 (Ministry of the Presidency) - Royal decree 742/2013 (Ministry of Health)
Weight 450 grams
Flow 0,3 GPM / 1 LPM
Dimensions 9.5 "length. 2.5" diameter

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