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Exterior material for swimming pools, showers, shower trays.

Basic Inox shower in 2 modelsCharacteristics:- Versatile and economical shower with high durability.- Tube structure Ø43 mm and Ø28 mm.- With flow opening/closing knob.- Supplied with built-in anchor.   ..
Ex Tax:161.55€
Shower 1 Shower Head Eco Series Kw AISI-316LSustainable shower with a design that makes it the perfect complement for any pool.Code: 4604025150Characteristics:- AISI-316L stainless steel shower.- Polished finish.- With 1 timed button.- With 1 anti-limescale spray.- With quick rear water intake.- For..
Ex Tax:584.80€
Shower 4 Sprinklers Kw Series AISI-316LSustainable shower ideal for large influx pools.Code: 4604025155Characteristics:- AISI-316L stainless steel shower.- Polished finish.- With 4 timed buttons.- With 4 anti-scale sprinklers.- For cold water. (1 way).- Includes anchors and screws...
Ex Tax:1,767.66€
Shower Arch Series Kw AISI-316L in various models, with manual push button or with passage sensorShower arch in AISI-316L quality polished stainless steel.Characteristics:- With 3 sprinkler jets at the top or 11 sprinklers around the perimeter of the arch.- Minimum pressure required 3 BAR.- Flow 12 ..
Ex Tax:1,561.50€
Shower Niagara TouchlessCode: 4604025970The minimalist design of straight lines and its manufacturing quality result in a high quality shower.Characteristics:- It incorporates a battery-powered proximity sensor to switch on the shower without contact.- IP67 sensor protection degree.- 1 chromed anti-..
Ex Tax:989.72€
Shower tray Kw Series AISI-316L in 2 models- Design in stainless steel and wood.- AISI-316L stainless shower tray.- Dimensions 75 x 92 cm outer frame.- Optional for embedding or fixing to the ground (surface model)...
Ex Tax:711.63€
Shower tray Pluvium Inox AISI-316Code: 4604020006Minimalist design in stainless steel and wood that brings elegance to the pool.AISI-316 Inox stainless steel frame.Dimensions 71.2 x 71.2 cm outer frame..
Ex Tax:619.32€
Solar Angel ShowerCharacteristics:- With a cold water intake that allows it to be heated by means of an integrated 30L aluminum storage tank, taking advantage of solar energy.- Quick water inlet connection.- Chromed shower head with anti-limescale system.- Hot and cold water control mixer.- Drain pl..
Ex Tax:650.41€
Brand: Klinwass
Solar shower 17L, 20L and 40LCharacteristics:- Hot, warm and cold water.- Connection with garden water.- Quick entry of water. The water circulates through the water cylinder and is heated by the sun, thus saving installation and energy consumption.- Easy to assemble...
Ex Tax:106.78€
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