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Hidrolife saline electrolysis equipment

Hidrolife saline electrolysis equipment
Hidrolife saline electrolysis equipment
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  • Model: Equipo de Electrólisis Salina Hidrolife

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Hidrolife salt electrolysis equipment

Alternative solutions for the treatment of swimming pools improve the quality of the water, avoid the daily handling of chemical products by users and facilitate maintenance tasks because they generate chlorine from table salt dissolved in the water.

This is a completely closed process and no product is lost. We only need to add salt to the pool once, when filling it. Subsequently, due to water loss during filter cleaning, only small periodic changes should be made.

The chlorine produced destroys organic matter and pathogens in the water, turning into sodium chloride (table salt).

Klinwass salt electrolysis equipment

Removable 2.8" tft full color display for remote installation.

- Salinity from 3gr/l to 100 gr.

- Filtration control / lighting control / heating control outputs.

- 4 additional relay outputs configurable by the user.

- Modbus rs 485 / wifi / ethernet communications (optional).

- Salt level alert.

- Flexible configuration: expansion kits ph, rx, temperature.

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