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Slim Ceramics Thermor electric water heater

Slim Ceramics Thermor electric water heater
Slim Ceramics Thermor electric water heater
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Slim Ceramics Thermor electric water heater

Slim Vitrified electric water heater

- Corrosion resistant. Coated with vitrified and magnesium anode against corrosion and that prevents the adhesion of lime deposits even in the hardest water.

- Sheathed resistance. They have a heating system with a very low charge rate thanks to the ceramic compound that they have and that prevents limescale from becoming embedded in the electrical resistance, which normally ends up causing overheating of the system and, over time, failure .

This characteristic of the resistance allows maintenance tasks to be carried out without the need to empty the tank, spending less time and with greater security.

-Slim. Slim range of 30, 50 and 80 L that, with only 38 cm in diameter, allow it to be placed in any kitchen cabinet and its installation in the narrowest spaces, guaranteeing total versatility.

In addition, the models of the Slim range are reversible, allowing their placement both vertically and horizontally.

- Control and regulation. They have an external thermostat that allows the working temperature to be reduced, thus reducing the electrical consumption of the appliance.

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