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Industrial Osmosis

Industrial Osmosis
Our manufacturers have a technical department specialized in industrial projects, which allows us to face projects of all kinds with full guarantee:

Complete reverse osmosis plants to treat brackish water, with productions of up to 2000 m3 / day and its application in irrigation, industry, drinking water, etc.

Double osmotic pass systems, to achieve reduced conductivities, for application in pharmaceutical processes, laboratories, etc.

If you have any special needs, do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized study.


- Hospitality: ice making, glass washing, professional coffee makers.

- Industrial Hospitality: industrial dishwashers.

- Industrial: car wash, industrial ice making, evaporative towers, agriculture and chemical industry, ultrafiltration for drinking water purification, steam boiler treatment.

- Industry: pharmaceutical, electronics.
Reverse Osmosis RO Comercial 400 Reverse Osmosis RO Comercial 400
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Brand: Ionfilter
Reverse Osmosis RO Comercial 400 OSMOSIS INVERSA DOMÉSTICA / SEMI INDUSTRIAL 5 ETAPAS DE ALTA PRODUCCIÓN CON 2 BOMBASCaracterísticas : 3 portacartuchos de 10″ blancosPrefiltro de 5 µm de polipropileno prensado de 10″Cartucho Carbón GAC de 10″Cartucho Carbón BLOC de 10″2 membranas Green Filter 150 ..
Ex Tax:890.91€
Brand: Ionfilter
Osmosis Inversa RO Comercial 500 Nueva ósmosis doméstico/comercial RO 500. Un equipo de elevadas prestaciones, 400 galones día. Con un precio muy competitivoCaracterísticas : ECOLOGICAL : Sistema de control para un menor consumo.MIXING VALVE : Sistema de mezcla de agua dispen sada y agua de e..
Ex Tax:681.82€
Brand: Ionfilter
Reverse Osmosis RO Comercial 750 3.0Equipo de ósmosis inversa de altísima capacidad, para la producción de hasta 750 LITROS DIARIOS de agua con mineralización débil, 6 etapas de filtración (Filtración 5 μm, carbón GAC, carbón BLOC, bomba, 3 membranas y postcarbón). Kit de instalación y conexió..
Ex Tax:1,215.31€
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