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300 GPD 3012 Membrane

300 GPD 3012 Membrane
300 GPD 3012 Membrane
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  • Model: Membrana 3012 De 300 GPD
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300 GPD 3012 membrane for industrial reverse osmosis Maxi.

Vontron brand 300 GPD 3012 membrane for Maxi industrial reverse osmosis equipment.

Since 3012 Nextflit has formed a strategic alliance with the membrane manufacturer Vontron to offer all its customers the latest technology in reverse osmosis membranes, with a large stock of the different models that Vontron has on the market.

Internal diagram of an industrial membrane (see image) :

  1. Anti-slip blade cover
  2. Product piercing tube
  3. Permeate water outlet
  4. Concentrated water outlet
  5. Water flow
  6. Semi-permeable membrane
  7. Permeate material
  8. Permeate flow
  9. Inlet water

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