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Brand: Ionfilter
PROPORTIONAL DOSAGE EQUIPMENT FOR SENTINEL CHLORINATIONTANK 50 LITERSCharacteristics:Pulse emitter counter.TPG603 PVDF proportional dosing pump.Level control (optional).Polyethylene solution tank with level rack and screw cap.Voltage: 220 Single Phase / 50-60 Hz.Tank litres/colour: 50 L white..
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Brand: Ionfilter
DUO depositsDUO tanks Accumulation Pressurized Osmosis of various capacitiesInner membrane: butylInner lining: liner with polypropyleneMax. working pressure: 7 kg/cm²Preload pressure: 0.5 kg/cm²..
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Brand: Ionfilter
Reverse osmosis Proline Plus 5 stagesREVERSE OSMOSIS EQUIPMENT PROLINE PLUSWATER PRODUCTION WITH WEAK MINERALIZATION.TWO BODY REVERSE OSMOSIS FOR UNDER SINK INSTALLATION WITH TAP INCLUDED.With this home reverse osmosis equipment you stop buying bottled water and you have water to drink, to cook, to ..
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Rider Reverse Osmosis 4-Way Faucet Rider Reverse Osmosis 4-Way Faucet
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Brand: Ionfilter
Rider tap special for reverse osmosis.Rider model 4-way tap to place in the sink.Sanitary water: hot and cold / naturalWater treatment (reverse osmosis): natural and coldTap specially designed to have only one tap when reverse osmosis is available. Finished in bright chrome-plated stainless steel of..
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Brand: Ionfilter
Sentinel AKS Diaphragm Metering PumpModel: AKS603 PVDFCharacteristics:Power supply 100-240 Vac 50/60 Hz.Working temperature: from 5 to 60º.Ceramic double ball valves.PP casing.Head and valves in PVDF.TEFLON membrane.constant flow.Weight: 3kgEquipment dimensions (height x width x depth in mm) : 231 x..
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Brand: Ionfilter
Electronic proportional dosing pump with sentinel TPG diaphragmModel: TPG603 PVDFCharacteristics:Power supply 100-240 Vac 50/60 Hz.Working temperature: from 5 to 60ºC.Ceramic double ball valves.PP casing.Head and valves in PVDF.TEFLON membrane.Proportional pumps for pulse counter, 4-20 mA, timed, pp..
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Brand: Ionfilter
Shower FilterEl filtro se suministra con dos adaptadores, así le permite realizar la conexión más adecuada para su ducha.El filtro de ducha está enfocado para personas que son sensibles algunos agentes químicos o que tienen problemas de piel como psoriasis, para bañar a los bebés, ancianos…El interi..
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Sintra 3-way mixer tap Sintra 3-way mixer tap
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Brand: Ionfilter
Sintra single-lever mixer tap for reverse osmosis.Sintra model 3-way faucet to place in the sink, hot water, cold water and reverse osmosis water.Tap specially designed to have only one tap when reverse osmosis is available.3-way mixer tap in chrome color.Sintra 3-way tap with 3/8 "H tube connecti..
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Brand: Ionfilter
PRESSURIZED STORAGE TANK FOR SINTRA EQUIPMENT; ADVANCE CS3, INFINITY, SENNA, STARLINE, GUTZZIDouble layer tank of maximum quality and durabilityCharacteristics:Material: SteelDiameter (mm): 210Height (mm): 280Capac. Gallons: 1.8Total L: 6.8Reference: 262601Inner membrane: butylInner lining: liner wi..
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Brand: Ionfilter
Stella Reverse Osmosis Container Cup Lid RefillCartridge holder for reverse osmosis model Stella by IonfilterStella is a 5-stage domestic semi-compact osmosis from the Ionfilter brand, and although it is no longer manufactured, at Aquafuerte we have all the spare parts so that you can continue enjoy..
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Brand: Ionfilter
store 1-way tap special for reverse osmosis.Small 1-way mixer tap from the Osmofilter brand to place in the sink.Classic tap specially designed to place in your sink when reverse osmosis is available. Quick and easy installation.Free shipping...
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Brand: Ionfilter
1-way mixer tap special for reverse osmosis. Mini Robin model. Ref .: 296802One-way tap for reverse osmosis in sink.Mixer tap for reverse osmosis water or other water treatment equipment.Mini Robin model tap, reference 296802, by Ionfilter.With ceramic valve, matt steel finish. 1/4 "tube connection...
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