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Juissen Slow Juicer

Juissen Slow Juicer
Juissen Slow Juicer
Juissen Slow Juicer
Juissen Slow Juicer
Juissen Slow Juicer
Juissen Slow Juicer
Juissen Slow Juicer
Juissen Slow Juicer
Juissen Slow Juicer
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The Juissen Slow Juicer will help you improve your health and above all it will give you the opportunity to explore a new way of making juices of excellent quality and flavor.

Use traditional methods to meet the needs of the present. JUISSEN introduces this principle in every home.

Low-speed pressing optimally preserves the natural color, flavor and nutritional value of the ingredients of the prepared juice.

The Juissen Slow Juicer separates the fiber from the juice to preserve the nutritional components of the fruit and vegetables, thereby providing the natural color and great flavor of freshly squeezed juices.

Unlike other more conventional methods, Juissen Slow Juicer does not squeeze or crush, but rather it presses thanks to its exclusive slow rotation system.
In this way, the juice preserves a very high percentage of the nutritional value of the fruit, vegetables, vegetables, cereals, etc ... maintaining its natural properties and 100% of its flavor.

Healthy lifestyle. The fiber, vitamins, minerals and active substances that vegetables provide us are essential for our health: it increases our defenses, energy, vitality and helps us prevent cancer, heart disease, cholesterol, degenerative diseases, diabetes and obesity.

A recommended amount of fruit and vegetables of 400 gr per day, helps us in cancer prevention, reduces the risk of heart disease and helps prevent obesity.

The active substances that are most frequently found in fruits and vegetables are vitamins A, Group B, C, D, F, K and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and other active substances that are very important for health, antioxidant character and protective.

Red Juice: Polyphenols, Lycopenes.

Orange Juice: B-Carotene.

Green Juice: Folic Acid.

White Juice: Isoflavones.

Violet Juice: Flavonoids, Anthocyanins.

Very simple cleaning. If we want to prepare different fruit or vegetable juices, it is as simple as adding water to internally clean Juissen and we already have it ready. Producing juices continuously is so easy because the reject material is constantly removed without jamming. The final cleaning is very quick and easy. Also, maintenance is almost non-existent.

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