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Pool Cleaners

Pool Cleaners

A pool cleaner is a piece of equipment to clean the bottom of swimming pools. Although many also clean walls and water lines. They can be hydraulic (suction or pressure), or electric.

The most basic model, usually referred to as "manual", is a hose that, connected to a special suction socket (pool cleaner socket) or to a skimmer, collects dirt from the bottom thanks to a brush or dustpan that is it passes manually, usually with a pole to direct it. The suction force is provided by the pump of the treatment plant.

The semi-automatic hydraulic models (Zodiac T3, T5) have different systems that, thanks to the force of the passage of water, perform an autonomous movement avoiding having to depend on the action of man to move around the bottom and walls of the pool , achieving coverage from 50 to 99%.

Hydraulic suction models are much more popular and popular on the market thanks to a more affordable price and ease of use, without any need for pre-installation. They are characterized by the use of diaphragm systems, currently with DiaCyclone technology. Others are based on pendulum systems. They are known as Manta, Octopus ... In all cases, random movements and without any control. Depending on the model and manufacturer, it is possible to offer cleaning or passage through walls (passage through walls does NOT guarantee cleanliness).

The hydraulic models of impulsion or pressure, with an efficiency and coverage far superior to all other systems, achieve total coverage of the pool (except steps, like any other system). They are based on the pressure drive of clean water thanks to the installation of a pressure pump in the swimming pool's hydraulic circuit, fed by the water itself treated by the filter, it conducts this water through the pool cleaner line, converted by means of a simple bypass in impulsion. Most models have their own waste filter, in such a way that it avoids the consumption of water and handling when washing the sand filters of the treatment plant. Total coverage, distribution of chemically and thermally treated water, total autonomy, possibility of not removing the water throughout the year ...

Electric models, with a greater presence in the market in recent years, work with protected motors and powered by electricity, at 12 or 20 volts. They can be with two or three motors, direct traction or by belts and caterpillars, simple or 4wD (4x4), rigid filters, fabric or cartridge ... with remote control or not, transport trolley, possibility of timed connection, for work alone bottom or bottom and walls ... Basically they are characterized by their total autonomy, ease of use and capacity to retain dirt in their own filter, also managing to avoid many cleaning of sand filters and, therefore, consumption and time. The movement of these equipment is determined by factory software, allowing optimal coverage in most pools. They are not suitable to be left in the pool continuously. There are basically two technologies, the Standard, and the Vortex technology, from Zodiac.

Brand: Dolphin
The Dolphin E20 pool cleaner is characterized by its durability, quality components and ease of use. This model is part of the Dolphin line of electric pool cleaners. It includes a front handle for easy pick-up and transport.Features:Robot for floor and wall.For pools up to 10 m long.Suitable for sm..
Ex Tax:880.15€
Brand: Klinwass
Klinwass pool cleaner for pools, allows an economical and fast maintenance, only for the zone floor of the pool.Features:  For pools up to 7.00 x 3.50 m. Maximum depth 1.8 m. Cleaning cycles of 1 h. Direct gearing and distribution by belt. Top filter access. Top ac..
Ex Tax:314.83€
Brand: Klinwass
The 7310 robot moves independently on the bottom, vacuuming and brushing the impurities deposited on the floor. It climbs the walls from time to time to clean them. The 7310 robot can partially climb walls or reach the waterline. When the robot reaches the waterline, the brushes clean for a random p..
Ex Tax:582.06€
Brand: Aquabot
The electric robot for optimal pool cleaning and maintenance has 3 different cleaning cycles and is equipped with the latest technology. It comes with an AquaSmart guidance system that ensures maximum pool surface area on the floor and walls, maximizing cleaning efficiency with an additional oscilla..
Ex Tax:2,362.55€
Brand: BWT
The BWT B100 pool robot is part of the B-Line range, combining performance, aesthetics and functionality with a very attractive design. They are ideal for above ground pools and plunge pools. The B-Line series is known for its intuitive and easy to use pool robots.Features:In-ground robotFor pools u..
Ex Tax:737.48€
Brand: BWT
BWT robots are intuitive and easy to use. With the push of a button, the D200 will operate on its own. Likewise the BWT robot easily climbs the highest slopes.Features: Robot for floor, walls and waterline.For pools up to 10 m long, any shape or surface.Cycle time of 2 hoursAdjustable nozzlesMa..
Ex Tax:1,158.71€
Brand: BWT
BWT robots are intuitive and easy to use. With the push of a button, the D300 will operate on its own. Likewise the BWT robot easily climbs the highest slopes.Features:Robot for floor, walls and waterline.For pools up to 12 m long, any shape or surface.Cycle time of 1.5-2-2.5 hoursAdjustable nozzles..
Ex Tax:1,474.95€
Brand: Zodiac
Cyclonic Leaf CatcherTHE IDEAL ACCESSORY TO CAPTURE WASTEEasy to use leaf filterWide, transparent and easy to empty filter chamber. It is not necessary to empty it frequently, although this operation is very simple.Powerful swirl vacuum cleanerInnovative patented cyclonic vacuum system: residues rem..
Ex Tax:111.57€
Brand: Dolphin
The Maytronics E-10 robot pool cleaner from Dolphin's product line has been developed with the latest technology to deliver maximum performance and optimal cleaning results.Features:In-ground robotSuitable for pools up to 8 m in length.Suitable for small and above ground poolsMaximum depth of 2.5 mC..
Ex Tax:725.99€
Brand: Dolphin
Experience the great pool cleaning power of the Maytronics Dolphin Dolphin Robot E Line with the E 30. With its extremely light weight and fast drain speed, the Maytronics Dolphin E 30 is easy to operate. Choose from two filter options to capture small debris or debris, the dual-brush action and Pow..
Ex Tax:1,025.35€
Brand: Dolphin
Complete the cancellation. Unfortunately, it is able to thoroughly clean the walls and water lines of your pool. This robot runs a cleaning cycle thanks to a portable system called: PowerStream. The water flow optimization system provides the E35 motor with excellent performance and cleans the later..
Ex Tax:1,120.20€
Brand: Dolphin
The fully autonomous electronic robot pool cleaner features Wi-Fi connectivity and an advanced suction system to deep clean any type of pool. It ensures perfect coverage of the bottom, walls and waterline, regardless of pool shape, slope or obstructions.Features:        Robot for..
Ex Tax:1,400.05€
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