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Essential 8 Descaler

Essential 8 Descaler
Essential 8 Descaler
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Essential 8 Descaler

Essential softeners have the highest technology that facilitates their installation and maximizes their reliability. The new Essential valve is fully hydraulic and works without electricity. The Direct Access system facilitates its programming and guarantees correct start-up.

The Essential range of softeners incorporates the Saving Regen system, this work technology makes the equipment capable of saving salt and water, respectful of the environment.

The Essential 8 Softener is intended for household and commercial applications. Essential softeners respect spaces and are capable of producing fast regenerations thanks to their SPEED REGEN system.

Bypass as standard: The bypass guarantees that the user can choose the water according to his needs. It also incorporates a hardness mixer.

Easy access tank: The accessibility of the salt tank allows the use of block or tablet salt in the same equipment.

Easy Access Lid Design: Essential softeners are designed for easy installation and maintenance to keep costs to a minimum.

Components and Technical Characteristics:

System Components:

Bottle size: (1) 203 x 330 mm.

Total bottle volume: 7.4 l.

Type of load: Resin monosphere of granulometry. Fine Mesh high flow.


Resin volume: 7.4 l.

Bed depth: Compacted.

Programmer type: Accudial adjustable.

Counter type: Polypropylene turbine.

Regeneration type: Countercurrent.


Inlet water quality

Working pressure (min. – max.): 2.5 – 8.6 bar. dynamic pressure.

Working temperature (min. – max.): 2 – 50 ºC.

Working pH (min. – max.): 5 – 10.

Maximum free chlorine: 1 ppm.

Maximum hardness: 60 ºHF.


Job Specifications:

WORK FLOW*: 1.8 m3/h.

Nominal peak flow*: 2.1 m3/h.

System configuration: Simplex.

Weight (operating/shipping): 45 kg / 15 kg.



Inlet / Outlet: Noryl 3/4” Male Thread bypass.

Drain: 1/2” tube.

Brine suction: 3/8” tube (internal).

Overflow: 5/8” pipe.


Salt deposit:

Tank type: Compact Essential 8.

Salt capacity: 24 kg in tablets, 16 kg in blocks.


Feedback Specifications:

Water consumed: 25 l.

Duration: 15 minutes.

Equipment dimensions: height x width x depth in mm: 508 x 293 x 500

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