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Window Cleaning Robot

Window Cleaning Robot
Window Cleaning Robot
Window Cleaning Robot
Window Cleaning Robot
Window Cleaning Robot
Window Cleaning Robot
Window Cleaning Robot
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  • Model: Robot Limpia Cristales
  • Weight: 3.00kg
  • Dimensions: 51.00cm x 15.00cm x 31.00cm

Free yourself from the heavy burden of cleaning windows and let our Window Cleaning Robot do all the work!

Our new Window Cleaning Robot allows you to clean multiple surfaces, without risks for you and your family.

Now you can get rid of your old glass cleaning utensils, he will take care of everything.

Clean your windows, glass doors, mirrors ... just by pressing a button!


Cleans glass of any thickness:

The only device capable of cleaning glass of any thickness, even thermal glass. Our Window Cleaning Robot is equipped with a frameless window detection system that can clean glass doors and shower stalls with ease.

Get rid of your old window cleaning supplies. This robot contains everything. A bottle of glass cleaning solution to moisten the cleaning pad in front, a squeegee to remove debris and a second cleaning pad for drying.

All surfaces:

From single to triple glazing, mosaics, tinted glass, engravings, tiles, mirrors, etc. Our Glass Cleaner Robot goes everywhere and adapts to all flat surfaces:

  • Tinted glass
  • Decals
  • Mosaic
  • Shower screen
  • Mirror

Simple and intuitive use:

Easy to use. Turn on the robot, place it on the window and hit start. Now you can relax and let the robot cleaner do all the work.

Easy maintenance:

The cleaning cloths are easy to remove for washing and drying, with professional quality microfibers.

Cleaning with high absorption capacity:

Compared to common cleaning cloths, the cloths in our robot are specially designed with a fiber that provides powerful absorption of dust and dirt and ensures that it will leave windows clean and sparkling.

Ultra fast:

Its new navigation method allows you to cover large areas in a very short time.

Maximum efficiency ensured in 3 phases:

Leaves windows clean, shiny and spotless.

  1. Spray the cleaning solution on the forehead pad. This will moisten and soften the dirt and leave your window as the first day.
  2. The squeegee pulls dirt and moisture out of the window.
  3. The rear cleaning pad dries the window looking perfect.

Automatic cleaning path:

The robot automatically determines the size of your window and then calculates the necessary program to clean it quickly and efficiently.

Extraordinary protection and security:

Thanks to its powerful long-range suction capacity, a total fixation of the robot to the surface is ensured. Also, if you are using it to clean a window that is above ground level, the safety suction cup will provide additional protection.

This device is equipped with double suction rings. If any loss of suction is detected in the outer ring, the machine's artificial intelligence will reverse direction and establish a new route.

Does not scratch:

The body of the robot is surrounded by a very soft material that does not allow the window frames to be scratched, and the material on its bottom is designed not to scratch the glass.

There are no landslides:

Equipped with anti-slip tracks and two powerful motors that guarantee its efficiency and prevent it from slipping.

Remote control:

So you can operate it from the couch while you relax watching TV or reading. 


• Dimensions (mm): 315 x 315 x 210

• Weight (kg): 2,044

• Power: 75 W / 100-240V

• Cleaning speed: 4m2 / 5 min

• Battery: Lithium

• Decibels: 75 dB

• Inclination: 15º to 90º

• Remote control: Yes

• Indicator light: Yes

• End of cleaning alarm: Yes

• Obstacle detector: Yes - 5 sensors

• Navigation: horizontal zigzag, vertical zigzag

• Automatic wheel cleaning: Yes

• It works connected to the electrical network.

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