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Zodiac MX9 Pool Cleaner

Zodiac MX9 Pool Cleaner
Zodiac MX9 Pool Cleaner
Zodiac MX9 Pool Cleaner
Zodiac MX9 Pool Cleaner
Zodiac MX9 Pool Cleaner
Zodiac MX9 Pool Cleaner
Zodiac MX9 Pool Cleaner
Zodiac MX9 Pool Cleaner
Zodiac MX9 Pool Cleaner
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  • Model: Zodiac MX9
  • Weight: 3.20kg
  • Dimensions: 41.00cm x 19.00cm x 22.00cm

Zodiac MX9 Pool Cleaner


The Zodiac MX9 Pool Cleaner features the turbo suction system: a powerful suction turbine and two suction blades with brushes that direct dirt and debris into the mouth of the cleaner. This guarantees ultra-efficient cleaning even at low flow rates.

Cyclonic brushing technology allows the embedded dirt to be removed before being vacuumed. The active brushes of the pool cleaner make it possible to eliminate any type of residue, including the resistant algae that stick to the bottom and walls of the pool.

Thanks to its pre-programmed X-Drive navigation system, the MX9 methodically runs through all areas of your pool and guarantees you impeccable coverage, regardless of the bottom and shape of your pool.

  • X-drive navigation system: cleans all areas of the pool
  • Turbo suction: two suction propellers with brushes and a powerful suction turbine
  • Belt displacement system for perfect stability and adherence
  • Twist Lock hoses: secure connection without loss of suction
  • Included accessories: cyclonic cleaning brushes, Twist Lock hoses, conical adapter, 45º extension, 45º elbow and automatic flow regulator
  • Cleaning area: bottom and walls
  • Cleaning cycle: a 6h filtration is recommended in 3 2h cycles
  • Power Source: Pool Fitting Equipment
  • Displacement: random
  • Operating system: mechanical suction with suction turbine
  • Installation: By the user, at the outlet of the pool cleaner or in the skimmer
  • Type of waste aspirated: Fine, medium
  • Pool Cleaner Dimensions (an x p x al)41 x 19 x 22 cm
  • Hose length: 12 sections of 1 m
  • Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Pool types: in-ground pools and off-ground pools with rigid walls up to 12 x 6m
  • Shapes: rectangular, oval and free shapes
  • Bottoms: flat, smooth slope and compound slope
  • Ccoverings: stoneware, liner, polyester hull, reinforced PVC, painted concrete
  • Filtration capacity: Pool filtration circuit
  • Cleaning coverage: 36 cm
  • Minimum required power of the filtration pump: 3/4 CV (1 CV for tile pools)
  • Travel speed: 8m / min
  • Warranty: 2 years
Displacement speed 8 m/min.
Operating System Mechanical (Preprogrammed X-Drive Shift)
Technical characteristics
Minimum required power of the filter pump 3/4 HP
Cyclonic cleaning YES
Suction propeller 2
Bottoms and Walls YES
Cleaning coverage 36 cm.
Only Bottoms NO
Pool type
Bottoms Flat / Smooth Slope Composite Slope
Coatings All
Shapes Rectangular / Oval Free shapes
Sizes (up to ...) 12 x 6 m.
Type Inground and off-ground pools with rigid walls
Warranty 2 Years

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