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Zodiac T5 Duo Pool Cleaner

Zodiac T5 Duo Pool Cleaner
Zodiac T5 Duo Pool Cleaner
Zodiac T5 Duo Pool Cleaner
Zodiac T5 Duo Pool Cleaner
Zodiac T5 Duo Pool Cleaner
Zodiac T5 Duo Pool Cleaner
Zodiac T5 Duo Pool Cleaner
Zodiac T5 Duo Pool Cleaner
Zodiac T5 Duo Pool Cleaner
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  • Model: Zodiac T5 duo
  • Weight: 1.40kg
  • Dimensions: 44.00cm x 43.00cm x 22.00cm

Zodiac T5 Duo Pool Cleaner


Hydraulic, with hose

All Zodiac hydraulic cleaners are equipped with the diaphragm technology, this technology ensures optimal and effective aspiration of the pool, even with low flow pumps and is suitable for most pools in Europe.

Zodiac hydraulic cleaners are the guarantee of a simple and very effective cleaning. Hydraulic pool cleaner for pools with rigid walls. Adapted to liner, polyester, reinforced PVC or painted concrete coating,

For flat bottoms, smooth slopes and steep slopes Bottom and wall cleaning by connection to the pool's filtration network, directly in the skimmer or in the pool cleaner outlet, Aspiration and storage of residues in the skimmer basket, in the pump pre-filter or in the filter, especially effective for the aspiration of dust and sand Random scrolling,

Two-part flexible flap disc ensures mobility and grip, Dodges obstacles thanks to the anti-lock baffle, Swimming or bathing is not recommended while the cleaner is in the pool,

Contents: 1 Zodiac T5 Duo Hydraulic Pool Cleaner, 12 hoses of 1 m. Patented Twist & Lock, Anti-Lock Baffle, Tapered Adapter, 45 ° Elbow, Float, Flow Detector, Control Valve

  • For medium pools up to 12x6m in all kinds of shapes.
  • Displacement by funds and slopes.
  • Cleaning cycle: a 6h filtration is recommended in 3 2h cycles.
  • Hose length: 12 sections of 1 m.
  • Recommended minimum pump power 3/4 HP
  • Dia Cyclone Patented Diaphragm - 40% more powerful, long-lasting aspiration.
  • Twist Lock hoses: secure connection without loss of suction.
  • Duo Traction Control System: two independent flexible discs that improve its mobility and adherence, allowing better cleaning of corners and walls.
  • Cleaner dimensions (L x W x H): 44 x 43 x 22 cm.
  • Weight 1.4 kg.
  • 2 years warranty.

Displacement speed 6 m/min.
Operating System Diaphragm (random shift)
Technical characteristics
Minimum required power of the filter pump 3/4 HP
Cyclonic cleaning NO
Suction propeller NO
Bottoms and Walls YES
Cleaning coverage 44 cm.
Only Bottoms NO
Pool type
Bottoms Flat / Smooth Slope Composite Slope
Coatings All
Shapes Rectangular / Oval Free shapes
Sizes (up to ...) 12 x 6 m.
Type Inground and off-ground pools with rigid walls
Warranty 2 Years

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