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Mini Multifunction Ozone

Mini Multifunction Ozone
Mini Multifunction Ozone
Mini Multifunction Ozone
Mini Multifunction Ozone
Mini Multifunction Ozone
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  • Model: Ozono Multifunción Mini
  • Weight: 0.15kg
  • Dimensions: 11.00cm x 11.00cm x 10.00cm

Mini size Multifunction Ozone

  • The most compact air purifier on the market.

    This "mini" multifunction ozonator has been a huge technological advance. It helps to keep the air in your home clean by eliminating pollutants, fumes, particles and other elements in suspension (dust, pollen, animal hair, mites and others).

    We spend more and more time indoors. And we increasingly need to breathe fresh air, even if it is between four walls. Now it is possible to control that environmental dirt that surrounds you, even if you do not see it. You can now have clean air free of negative particles in small spaces thanks to Aquafuerte.

    You can forget about air fresheners and other systems that use chemical substances and that can be harmful to our body.


    The main and most notable advantage of this device is precisely its size and weight.

    This makes it ideal so that you can use it as it suits you: your car, at home, in the office ... even in the refrigerator!

    Its use in the fridge presents a useful and novel application, helping to prolong the freshness of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, thus avoiding the mixture of smells of different foods in this closed space.

    It is a perfect complement to your home.

    In addition to representing a great help for people with respiratory problems, skin problems, etc., who benefit from a pure air and environment.

    Another recommended application for the Mini Multifunction Ozone is the interior of a vehicle, as it is a small cabin in which various odors and allergens can usually be concentrated, as occurs in bathrooms, kitchens or other similar spaces.


    • Cleaner air in your home: Suitable device to help keep the air in your home cleaner and free of suspended elements.
    • It neither contains nor uses chemical substances: 100% natural.
    • The benefits of ozone: Destroy harmful elements and contribute to the prevention of nuisances.
    • Product designed for your home: For use in different places where bad odors, dirt and other suspended elements normally proliferate (cabinets, shoe racks, bathrooms ...)
    • Technology and design: Easy to transport and simple application in any corner. Tastefully designed for your home.
    • Simple and new functionality: It can be activated by batteries or by connecting it with a USB cable through an electrical supply. By pressing the power switch, the device will be activated. In this way we will program its operation as it suits us best (cyclical or continuous function).
    • Helps eliminate: Food odors + Cigar smoke + Chemicals + pets + bathrooms, dressing rooms, kitchens, rooms + Moisture and fungi + mites and other suspended elements.


    • Voltage: DC 5V
    • Power consumption: 0.5 W
    • Ozone output: 3mg / h
    • Anion outlet: 5 * 105 pcs / cm3
    • Net Weight: 0.15kg
    • Product material: ABS plastic
    • Workspace: ≤ 0.35 m3
    • Product size: Φ94 * H95mm




    • Car: Ideal for bad smells, suspended elements and cleaning the air in such a small space.
    • Cobbler: Helps to eliminate suspended elements, neutralizing odors and contributing to the prevention of fungus fungi.
    • Bath: Helps to effectively inhibit the expansion of dirt, contributing to the elimination of bad odors.
    • Closet: It helps to decompose the typical formaldehyde of the furniture, and, in addition, it eliminates all kinds of insects inside the closet and bad odors.
    • Refrigerator: This instrument helps to neutralize odors, prolonging the freshness of fruit, vegetables, fresh meat and fish.


    The Mini Multifunction Ozone has 2 modes of use, so that you can apply them to your use needs:

    1. Green switch: ozone will work by emitting ozone and ions for 10 minutes. Once the 10 minutes have elapsed, it will come to rest without emitting air for 20 minutes and once the 20 minutes have elapsed, the same operating sequence will restart again, thus repeatedly for 12 hours, once the device will turn off after 12 hours. turns off automatically.

    1. Blue switch: the device will emit ozone and ions for 4 hours in a row, once the time has elapsed the device will automatically turn off.
Filtering surface / Filtration level Workspace: ≤ 0.35 m3
Anion production Anion outlet: 5 * 105 pcs / cm3
Filtration Ozone: 3 mg / h Anions: 5 * 105 pcs / cm3
Technical characteristics
Absorbed power 0.5 W
Power source USB or batteries
Electrical power supply Voltage: DC 5V
Material ABS plastic
Weight 0.15 Kg
Dimensions Ф 94 x H95 mm

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