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Ultra Classic Reverse Osmosis

Ultra Classic Reverse Osmosis
Ultra Classic Reverse Osmosis
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  • Model: Ultra Classic
  • Weight: 10.00kg
  • Dimensions: 410.00mm x 250.00mm x 435.00mm

Ultra Compact Reverse Osmosis


The ULTRA Classic reverse osmosis set with Ionfilter CS filters and a remineralizing post-filter and pH increase. It is a high-performance water purifier with excellent quality materials and finishes. The ULTRA treatment plant is a leading sales osmosis equipment in its segment and has an excellent reputation and reliability.

With reverse osmosis water purification system Ultra model you forget to buy bottled water. With this reverse osmosis you can drink water, wash fruits and vegetables, cook.

This Ultra Reverse Osmosis has been designed for easy installation with very easy maintenance. Access to all its parts is very comfortable, the top casing is removed and all its components are exposed.


5-stage equipment with 5 micron filtration, two GAC carbon filters, Green Filter brand membrane. and post carbon. Take the installation kit, the tap with ceramic valve. Integrated tank inside the same housing.

Operating parameters

  • Depending on the input characteristics.
  • 175 LPD. Water 230 ppm, 15 ºHF, 18 ºC, 2 bar (without back pressure).
  • Membrane production
  • Maximum pressure 6 kg / cm2
  • Minimum pressure 3 kg / cm2
  • Maximum salinity 2000 ppm. Bacteriologically drinkable water.


  • CE, NSF Components


System start and stop: System equipped with a hydraulic shut-off valve. When the storage tank is full, the water inlet to the system is cut off mechanically, stopping pouring water into the drain.

The installation of this reverse osmosis is very simple and the recommended annual maintenance is the change of the 3 filters, one of sediment, two of carbon and a remineralizing post-filter and also increases the pH. The membrane is changed every three to four years.

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